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Tyler Gwozdz was an American actor who was ruling on the minds of people when he was seen at the 15th season of ‘The Bachelorette’ in which Hannah Brown was a lead. He became a favorite topic for discussions when he went on a date with the American television star Hannah brown. He was the first person whom Hannah chose to date.

Within the three weeks, Tyler had made a brief but significant impression on the people. After this period of three weeks, he got disqualified from the ‘The Bachelorette.’ So, the love story of Hannah and tyler gwozdz got a full stop. Before appearing in the show, he was a psychology graduate student and had already designed his career dreams. He wanted to be a clinical psychologist by completing a Ph.D. in psychology. Also, he had stepped towards his goals and started his side business in dream analysis therapy.

Social life

Regarding his social life, he was a typical ‘laid-back guy with a go-with-the-flow attitude’. He would rather spend his all-time resting on the boats or soul cycle, reading instead of going to the clubs. But, who knew that such a free-minded modern romantic person would die with an overdose, that too at the age of 29. The overdose cause is still a mystery. He was in intensive medical treatment and care after being diagnosed with an overdose. But, he could not fight with it and was found dead in Palm Beach County.

Sum up:

Summing up with a short memoir of Tyler Gwozdz, Read on further.

  • Tyler was very strict about his keto diet.
  • He was very active in his college days as he was an athlete at Trinity College.
  • He completed all his undergraduate studies from Hartford’s Trinity College. After this, he became a bachelor of economics.
  • Further, he worked as a sales manager with Deep Bay Spirits and liquor companies such as SpikedSeltzer at Nashville in Tennessee.
  • He had his side business of dream analysis.

He was seen in the 15th season of ‘The Bachelorette’ with Hannah Brown and dated her on-screen. A 29-years-old Tyler died because of an overdose in Florida.