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Indeed, addiction or dependence is a chronic disease. Basically it’s like we become habituated to something and indulge more in it. When we become addict, we lose our control over the things we are doing or the activities we are partaking in.

Addiction is the inability when the person’s mind loses self-control and it’s the intricate interaction with brain circuits, surroundings and an individual‘s life occurrences.

Types of Addiction 

  • Substance Dependence 

A person who can’t resist taking up a particular drug or chemical is categorized under substance dependence.

  • Behavioral Addiction 

It’s an inability to suppresspartaking in activities such as gambling, eating, working, and so on.

Symptoms or Signs of addiction

  • Hysterically indulging in dreadful manners of habit-forming behavior
  • Social- withdrawal
  • Relationship hardships
  • Degradation in the quality of maintaining hygiene
  • Losing interest in work, or activities that lead astray to this addiction
  • Profound change in appearance and attitude
  • Enhancement in taking risks to indulge in the activity
  • Unlawful behavior
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Undue excitement, frequent mood changes

As we know that dependence or addiction of any chemical or drugs are fatal for our health and life. But as the addict loses self – control and power of distinction and judgement, it’s hard to get out of it.

Few Examples of Addiction:

  • Drug Addiction

A person develops a tendency of taking drugs without its prescribed and continuous use of it makes them an addict. A person who takes drug for non-medical use is called a drug abuser.

The prolonged use of drugs may lead to the dependence of body upon them. It is the state of physiological and psychological dependence of an individual to the intake of certain drug due to its repeated consumption on a periodic or continuous basis.

When drinking of excessive alcohol is done that impairs one’s physical, physiological and psychological function. It constitutes Alcohol addiction or dependence. Intake of alcohol affects individual health, family life and ultimately creates social issues.

  • Gambling 

This is a practice of betting or staking of something valuable. It is good when it’s in limit and played just as a recreation activity but when it becomes a habit it is very difficult to get out of it and the person develops an addiction towards it.


Getting out of an addiction is the hardest thing to do. But with strong will power and determination, one can get rid of an addiction.

When the person has become habituated of something or indulged in a behavior, they may experience certain symptoms when they try to get out of it. These symptoms are also known as withdrawal symptoms.

Below are some withdrawal symptoms mentioned:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Tremors and shaking
  • Anxiety

With proper guidance and sheer determination, addiction can be cured. Constant support from family and peers help in coming of any kind of addiction.

Everything when used or performed or desired in a way which doesn’t become hazardous or a habit is good but when it becomes an addiction it leads to the wrong path.

We hope this article gives you good enough information on what is addiction and now you know how to deal with it too.